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About Us

SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Co.,Ltd. is a global engineering corporation that specializes in the construction of various types of power plants, including thermal, nuclear, gas, solar thermal, solar PV, hydro, biomass, photovoltaic, solar energy and sea water desalination. SEPCOIII’s main operating models are EPCO, EPC, BOT, BOO, and PMC, and can provide clients with a full range of services including research, location, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

SEPCOIII’s customers spread throughout the world, such as Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Myanmar, Indonesia and Singapore. Presently, the total contract value of overseas executing projects exceeds 16.22 billion US dollars.

Based on the international EPC projects, SEPCOIII strives to develop engineering technology, sea water desalination and solar power generation technology as well as other renewable energy solutions. We focus on mastering the core technology of sea water treatment and low-carbon energy in field of high-tech and environmental protection.

SEPCOIII maintains good relations with many electric power equipment manufacturers, design institutes, and financial institutions worldwide. Many foreign ambassadors in China regarded SEPCOIII as the most reliable Chinese engineering company. As the first global power EPC contractor in China, SEPCOIII owns the outstanding management and execution resources of whole industrial chain, with the most projects under construction and the strongest market competitiveness among peer companies.

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